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what is a hospital indemnity plan blog cover

What Is a Hospital Indemnity Insurance Plan?

Hospital Indemnity Insurance – Hospital stays are expensive. No secret there. Even if you’ve got insurance, a short three-day hospital stay can cost a few thousand dollars out of your own…

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what is medigap high deductible plan g blog cover

What Is Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G?

High Deductible Plan G – There are several Medicare supplement plans available to you, but one that isn’t often considered is the high-deductible Plan G. High deductible plans are associated…

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is plan f going away blog cover

Is Medicare Plan F Going Away?

You used to hear a lot of talk about Medicare supplement Plan F. It was the Cadillac of supplement plans up until a couple of years ago. However, you may…

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lets talk about the c word blog cover

Let’s Talk About the “C” Word

We’re going to talk about the “C” word today. Cancer is not a fun topic of conversation, but the reality is that it’s the second most common cause of death…

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medicare and social security changes in 2022 blog cover

Medicare and Social Security Changes in 2022

It’s hard to believe but the new year is nearly here! We’ve gotten quite a few questions from our clients about how 2022 is going to change both their Medicare…

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are medicare advantage plans bad blog cover

Are Medicare Advantage Plans Bad?

There has been a lot of discussion about Medicare Advantage plans this year. You’ve all seen the ads on TV and heard about them on the radio. You’ve probably gotten…

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plan g vs plan n blog cover

Plan G vs. Plan N

In the recent past, the biggest debate when choosing between two Medicare supplements was whether to enroll in Plan F or Plan G. Plan F offered slightly more coverage, but…

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original medicare and telehealth visits blog cover

Original Medicare Telehealth Visits

Telehealth visits have become increasingly popular since the COVID pandemic. Even as things have gotten back to “normal,” many people have decided they enjoy the flexibility of a telehealth visit…

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3 medicare penalties and how to avoid them blog cover

3 Medicare Penalties and How to Avoid Them

Medicare penalties are something we HATE to see our clients go through! These penalties can be avoided, but first, you’ve got to know what they are. Some are more common…

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