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medicare's annual notice of change blog cover

Medicare’s Annual Notice of Change

Fall has arrived, and with it, the upcoming Annual Enrollment Period. This can be a time of chaos and confusion in the Medicare world, and we want to do our…

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your guide to enrolling in original medicare blog cover

Your Guide to Enrolling in Original Medicare

Time to enroll in Original Medicare Parts A and B? Wondering how you do it? This guide is for you! While we can’t fill out the application for you, we…

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accepting medicare assignment vs accepting medicare patients blog cover

Medicare Providers: Accept Medicare Assignment vs. Accept Medicare Patients

Now that you are enrolled in Medicare, you need to know which doctors allow you to utilize your benefits to the fullest. In order to maximize your benefits, you need…

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why did my medigap premium increase blog cover

Why Did My Medicare Supplement Premium Increase?

The Medicare program is a great health insurance option for seniors, but it does not cover everything. Medicare supplements are purchased to fill in the coverage gaps left by Original…

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what to know about aep blog cover

What to Know about the Annual Election Period for Medicare Beneficiaries

The AEP is the Annual Election Period for Medicare beneficiaries. AEP takes place every year from October 15 through December 7. Changes you make during this period become effective on…

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does medicare cover therapy blog cover

Minding Your Mental Health: Does Medicare Cover Therapy?

Depression is not a normal part of aging. However, older adults are at an increased risk for depression and anxiety. If an individual has other illnesses or limited functions, the…

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6 steps to enroll in medicare blog cover

6 Steps to Enroll in Medicare

Is number 65 creeping closer? Then, it’s probably time to start thinking about enrolling in Medicare. This 6-step guide will get you started on the right foot and in plenty…

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the abcds of medicare blog cover

The ABCDs of Medicare

Medicare is a very confusing topic for many people. In fact, only about half of Americans understand Medicare fully and can make the right choices when it comes time to…

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employer health insurance and medicare blog cover

Employer Health Insurance and Medicare: When to Enroll in Medicare if You Have Employer Coverage

You’re turning 65. Happy birthday! You are now eligible to enroll in the federal Medicare program, but you want to continue to work, and your employer has group health insurance.…

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